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What is a certificate of deposit (CD) rollover or renewal?

A rollover or renewal can occur at the end of the term of a CD. 

If your CD has a rollover or renewal, the money you originally deposited will be invested in a new CD. The interest already earned may also be invested in the new CD. Some CDs don’t have a rollover feature so when they mature they will stop earning interest.

Your bank or credit union may rollover your CD automatically at the end of the CD term unless you tell them not to. However, a bank or credit union is required to send you a notice in writing before the CD matures, and the notice will tell you when your current CD ends and whether it will renew automatically.


Compare rates before you roll over or renew an existing CD. The interest rate for the new CD is not guaranteed to be the same as the interest rate for your current CD – it may be higher or lower. You may want to see if your bank or credit union is offering a promotional rate that is better than the rate on the rollover or renewal CD.