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Live from New York City!

Our live events on checking have ended. You can watch an archived recording of the morning roundtable below, or read Director Richard Cordray’s remarks. And make sure to check out the work on overdrafts that we announced:

  • We’re researching how overdrafts affect you. We launched an inquiry through a data request that is being sent to a number of banks and a Notice and Request for Information to gain insight into overdraft practices.
  • We want you to understand what actions you can take now to protect yourself from overdraft fees. Do you know your overdraft status? Read our Consumer Advisory that explains how you can learn whether or not you have opted in to debit overdraft fees on ATM and point-of-sale transactions.
  • We’re working to make it easier for you to understand the costs and risks of overdraft programs. Our model overdraft “penalty fee box ” is a thought-starter for a disclosure that would appear on your checking account statement and online banking landing page. It would highlight the amount overdrawn and total overdraft fees charged, so you so can clearly see how much overdrafts are costing you. Tell us what you think.

Director Cordray’s remarks and a roundtable with industry representatives and consumer advocates:

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