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Join us in making mortgage shopping easier

If you read our blog regularly, you’ve gotten the picture by now: We care a lot about making your experience with mortgages better.

We just released rules that redesign the forms you get when applying for and closing on a mortgage, and we made sure to seek your feedback throughout that process. And in January, our rules that help make the mortgage market safer go into effect .

Those are important policy changes. But we also want to help you, personally, with your goal of owning a home – with your mortgage options, your shopping process, your comparisons, and your decisions. We want to give you guidance you can trust, tools that help you make decisions, and information that can help make you a savvier negotiator – we’re calling this effort “Owning a Home.”

But we need your help. Your feedback is the most crucial part of making sure that what we do meets what you need. Our tools don’t work if they don’t help you make decisions, or if they help you with decisions you don’t think are important. They don’t work if they are overwhelming or unclear.

Over the coming months, we will be building and releasing these tools. We’re excited to kick off our “Owning a Home” beta group, and we hope you sign up!

What is a beta group?
It’s a way for us to communicate with you as we are building tools. The goal of the group is twofold: to help you in your personal mortgage journey, and, in the process, for you to help us make the experience better for others. Even if you’re not home shopping right now but think you might be at some point in the future, sign up! Your feedback now will help make these tools more useful.

What if I am a realtor/housing counselor/other professional who helps other people who are shopping for a home? Can I sign up for the beta group?
Yes! If you are a professional who helps other people with the home-buying process, we want your feedback too. You play a critical role in this process, so we want these tools to be something you trust and would use with your clients.

What do I agree to do if I sign up?
Give us your feedback! We think your opinions and experiences matter. We’ll periodically send you surveys asking for your input on new product features, where you are in your mortgage journey, and what you think is important for us to consider. We’ll use that feedback when we decide what to build next.

What do I get out of it?
You’ll get a chance to influence how our tools develop over time. You’ll also be the first to know when new features are launched or when we make changes. Finally, you’ll be able to participate in webinars that will provide you with background on the tools, offer examples of how you can use them, and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have.

We hope you’ll join us in making it easier to shop for a mortgage – sign up to be a beta user today.

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