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Social Networks and Citizen Engagement

The systems of records described in this notice, CFPB.006—Social Networks and Citizen Engagement System, will assist the CFPB by providing effective, social media-based ways to share information and interact with the public.

Who is covered? Users of social media who interact with the CFPB through various social media outlets, such as third-party sites and services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr, etc.).

What information is collected? The system collects information that individuals share with the CFPB through various social media sites and services. The system may also contain information that is stored to ensure that an individual can access web sites where a login is required. 

Why is the information collected? Social media platforms will increase collaboration and transparency with the public, employees and contractors. This will enable the CFPB to interact with the public in effectively, encourage the wide sharing of consumer financial information and the strengthening of an online community.

System of Records Notice


History for this System of Records Notice

78 FR 50041; 83 FR 23435

76 FR 45759