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Interstate Land Sales Registration Files (ILS)

Why is this System of Records Notice being rescinded? In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, the Bureau is giving notice that it has rescinded the System of Records Notice described herein. The information maintained by the ILS Program consists of information submitted by developers of land or other individuals offering 25 or more lots for sale and using any means or instruments of interstate commerce (including the mails) in promoting or selling properties pursuant to the requirements of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act, and in the administration and management of the ILS Program. It includes disclosures about the ownership of parcels of land; the state of title to parcels of land; physical characteristics of parcels of land; availability of utilities; mortgages; deeds; local ordinances and other related information.

This system of records will continue to operate moving forward; however, the records contained within will no longer contain personally identifiable information. At the time that the Bureau assumed ownership of the ILS Program, the Bureau anticipated that the information collected would be used in such a way that a System of Records Notice would be required. However, in practice, the ILS Program collects no individual identifiers on which searches are conducted. Rather, the registration files are organized and searchable only by business and parcel information and there is no file or process to cross-reference this kind of information to an individual. Because the records maintained by this system will not be retrievable by a personal identifier, a System of Records Notice is not required under the Privacy Act. 

Rescindment of this System of Records Notice

SORN rescindment