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Employee Administrative Records System

The new systems of records described in this notice, CFPB.009—Employee Administrative Records System—will collect information used for personnel actions and for administrative purposes to ensure quality control, performance, and improving management processes; the categories of individuals for the system to include applicants and detailees to the CFPB; and the record source categories for the system to include individuals who have applied for a position with the CFPB and to clarify the use for human resource functions. 

Who is covered? CFPB Employees and their named dependents and/or beneficiaries, their named emergency contacts, and individuals who have been extended offers of employment

What information is collected? Records in this system may contain identifiable information about individuals including, without limitation: (1) Identification and contact information, including name, address, email address, phone number and other contact information; (2) employee emergency contact information, including name, phone number, relationship to employee or emergency contact; (3) Social Security number (SSN), employee ID number, organization code, pay rate, salary, grade, length of service, and other related pay and leave records including payroll data; (4) biographic and demographic data, including date of birth and marital or domestic partnership status; (5) employment-related information such as performance reports, training, professional licenses, certification, and memberships information, fitness center membership information, union dues, employee claims for loss or damage to personal property, and other information related to employment by the CFPB; (6) benefits data, such as health, life, travel, and disability insurance information; and (7) retirement benefits information and flexible spending account information.

General personnel and administrative records contained in this system are covered under the government-wide systems of records notice published by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM/GOVT-1). This system complements OPM/GOVT-1 and this notice incorporates by reference but does not repeat all of the information contained in OPM/GOVT-1.

Why is the information collected? The information in the system is being collected to enable the CFPB to manage and administer human capital functions, including personnel actions, payroll, time and attendance, leave, insurance, tax, retirement and other benefits, and employee claims for loss or damage to personal property; and to prepare related reports to other federal agencies. The information will also be used for administrative purposes to ensure quality control, performance, and improving management processes.

System of Records Notice


History for this System of Records Notice

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