Consumer Response Database

The new system of records described in this notice, CFPB.005 Consumer Response System, will be used to collect, respond to, and refer consumer inquiries and complaints concerning consumer financial products and services received after July 21, 2011. This update modifies the purpose, stating that the information will be used for administrative purposes, quality control, performance, and management processes. This revision modifies the categories of individuals explaining that records are not retrieved by third-party identifiers who may be mentioned in a complaint. Additionally we have added a new routine use for the release of information to entities, or persons for performing audit or oversight operations.

Who is covered? Individuals who submit complaints or inquiries to the CFPB.

What information is collected? Information from individuals about their complaints.

Why is the information collected? To enable the CFPB to receive, respond to, and refer complaints or inquiries regarding consumer financial products or services.

System of Records Notice