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Download the data

Explore prepaid product agreement data with the software of your choice.

Data is submitted on a rolling basis by issuers and is refreshed nightly. Read more about the data.

Download agreement files

The bulk download contains all agreement files (PDFs) submitted by issuers to the Bureau, and is refreshed nightly. 

As a companion to the bulk download, you may also wish to download metadata for all agreement files.

Description Download file

Bulk download

ZIP (~1.1 GB)

Download metadata files

Metadata consists of information entered by the issuer about the prepaid product agreement. Also see metadata field references below.

Description Download file

Metadata for all agreement files
For use with the bulk download

CSV  (~1.4 MB)

Metadata for most recent agreement files only

CSV  (~1.1 MB)

Field references

Field name Description


The name of the issuer of the prepaid account to which a consumer is legally obligated under the terms of the prepaid agreement.


The name of the prepaid product.


A unique identifier generated when an issuer enters a new prepaid product record into the database.


The effective date of the prepaid account agreement.


A unique identifier generated when an issuer uploads a set of agreement files into the database.


Indicates whether this set of files represents the most recent effective agreement, based on the agreement_effective_date. If more than one set of files for a prepaid product share the same effective date, the system uses the created_date value instead. (Yes or no)


The date and time that the prepaid product agreement is created in our system. This value may be useful to distinguish which set of files is the most recent effective agreement.


Status of the prepaid account agreement—either active or withdrawn. Issuers must submit their currently-offered prepaid account agreements.  If an issuer no longer offers a prepaid account agreement that was previously submitted to the Bureau, the issuer must notify the Bureau that it is withdrawing the agreement. 


The date the prepaid product agreement was withdrawn.


The type of prepaid account: GPR (General Purpose Reloadable), Payroll, Government Benefits, Digital wallet/P2P, Prison Release, Refunds, Student, Tax, Travel, or Other. If blank, this means the issuer did not select a prepaid account type. 


The issuer is required to indicate if there is a program manager. (Yes or no)


The name of the program manager for the prepaid account. For some prepaid accounts, program managers are responsible for designing, managing, marketing, and operating certain prepaid account programs. Some issuers act as the program manager for their prepaid accounts.


The names of other relevant parties, if applicable, for each agreement (e.g., the employer for a payroll card program or the government agency for a government benefit program).  


Path to agreement files within the bulk download folder.


Direct link to download agreement files.