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The CFPB’s summer internships: “part of something special”

We’re recruiting summer interns for our Pathways Program again. If you’re interested in the mission of the CFPB, read the full posting to learn more and apply. The deadline is midnight on Wednesday, December 5.

We’ve asked the Student Ambassadors, former CFPB interns, to share what inspired them to intern with the CFPB and why they’re serving as ambassadors after their service. Previously, we heard from Vanessa and Thomas. Now it’s Blythe’s turn.

Blythe Kennedy
School: University of Wisconsin School of Law
Program: J.D.

Working at the Consumer Law Clinic at my law school, and volunteering at a foreclosure help clinic, I knew firsthand how ordinary Americans were struggling as a result of the financial crisis, and knowing that there was an agency committed to helping these people gave me hope. When I was offered a summer internship at the CFPB I felt like I had won the lottery- how many people get their dream jobs? Even if it was only for a summer, I know that I was a part of something special. I would be honored to share my experiences with others and promote this fantastic agency, one that has not only done so much for Americans, but for me individually. I want to work for the CFPB, in any capacity, because I believe in what the agency is trying to accomplish. I admire its bravery, am continually inspired by its employees, and want to support its continued growth and success any way I can. Serve, Lead, Innovate: these are values worth promoting.

If you’re interested in being part of the Pathways Program, you have until midnight, Wednesday, December 5, to apply. To learn more and apply, check out our full announcement.

Lindsay Bacon is the part of the Talent Acquisition team of the Office of Human Capital at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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