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Plan and protect your finances with a my Social Security account

Whether you’re one of the millions of workers who pay Social Security taxes or the 50 million retired Americans and dependents who receive benefits, it’s good to keep track of your Social Security benefits.

National My Social Security Week takes place August 17 to 23 — the perfect time to take a step toward creating an online account with the Social Security Administration at . This account will give you secure and convenient online access to your personal Social Security information, including your earnings records and estimated benefits. If you already receive Social Security benefits, you can change your address and phone number, get a benefit verification letter and start or change direct deposit information.

This website has information to help you plan for your future and protect your finances with:

  • Estimates of your monthly retirement and disability benefits, including how much more you could get if you delay your retirement.
  • Estimates of monthly survivors’ benefits for a spouse and children.
  • Essential information needed to create a retirement budget, make decisions about other financial resources, and even decide if delaying your retirement is the right choice for you. This is helpful if you’re among the thousands of people reaching age 62 and making decisions about whether to claim Social Security.
  • Summary of your earnings and Social Security taxes you’ve paid. Because your Social Security eligibility and benefits depend on these factors, this gives you the chance to check that the information on your earnings record is correct. You could also spot fraud or misuse of your Social Security number. In fact, opening an account prevents others from doing it without your authorization.

Creating a my Social Security account online is quick, safe, easy, and free. Set yours up today!

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