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Open for amicus suggestions

In the past eight months, we’ve filed six amicus briefs – also known as “friend-of-the-court” briefs – in cases about federal consumer financial protection laws. These briefs allow us to share our position with courts considering significant questions about the interpretation of consumer finance laws or affecting our responsibilities. We’ve now posted all our prior amicus briefs and, starting today, we’re asking for your suggestions of additional cases for us to consider.

We’re looking for cases with one or more important legal questions about the interpretation or application of a federal consumer financial protection statute or regulation that we interpret and enforce. Strong candidates are typically cases that have been or will soon be filed in a federal court of appeals or state supreme court.

How can I suggest a case?

Email, and include:

  • Case name
  • Docket number
  • Circuit or district court name
  • Brief description of the case and issue
  • Explanation of why you believe we should file an amicus brief in this case
  • Current status of the litigation
  • Your contact information
Where can I read more about the briefs you’ve filed?

You can find all of our amicus briefs at

We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

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