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October 2010: CFPB Implementation Team Moves Into Temporary Headquarters

Each day this week, we will feature information about an important milestone in the establishment of the new consumer bureau. Today’s post is about our temporary home. Read more of this series.

In October, the CFPB implementation team moved out of office space spread across three buildings in and around the main Treasury Department headquarters and into offices located at 1801 L Street NW. This government-run office building in northwest Washington, D.C. will serve as the team’s temporary headquarters for the next several months.

The move served as tangible evidence of the new consumer bureau’s growth. Now, all members of the team work under the same roof. Although its current headquarters is only temporary, the team has tried to make itself at home. It gave each of the space’s conference rooms a name: Dodd-Frank (after the name of the legislation that created the CFPB); Full Disclosure (one of the CFPB’s goals for the costs, risks, and other important terms of consumer financial products and services); Accountability (another of the CFPB’s goals); and Boomer Sooner (the name of the University of Oklahoma’s fight song – a nod to Professor Elizabeth Warren’s Oklahoma roots).

The new space provides the consumer bureau with the room to continue growing and makes staff collaboration easier and more efficient. There are boxes in the hallway and a steady shuffling and reshuffling of offices as new people arrive, but no one seems to mind and the team is hard at work.

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