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Join us in Cleveland and New York: We’re recruiting a 21st century supervision workforce

Since we opened for business on July 21, 2011, we have been building our supervision team. Next week, we will host a recruiting event in Cleveland on Friday, April 27. A second event is planned in New York on Friday, May 4.

These meetings are an opportunity for those with relevant industry experience to learn more about the work of our supervision team and to explore joining the teams that report to regional offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York.

In addition to representatives from our Human Capital team, we are happy that senior CFPB leadership, and the directors of the Midwest and Northeast regional offices will join us in Cleveland and New York.

Click here for more details about the events.

You can see new job vacancy announcements for our supervision team on our jobs page. If you have questions, contact

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