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I understand that companies must correct certain errors in international money transfers. What types of errors are covered?

There are certain errors that companies must correct in international money transfers. In addition to other errors, a failure to deliver the proper amount of money or failure to deliver funds to the right person generally must be corrected.

Other errors that remittance transfer providers must correct generally include:

  • Payment of the wrong amount
  • Mathematical or bookkeeping errors
  • Failure to deliver the proper amount of money
  • Failure to deliver funds on time
  • Failure to deliver funds to the right person
  • Failure to deliver the funds at all

If one of these types of errors did occur, you may be able to choose between a refund or resending the funds to the recipient.

If the error occurred because you provided the provider incorrect information, by giving wrong account information, for example, in some cases, the company may not be required to refund or resend the money.

You may also have the right to receive copies of documentation relating to your money transfer.

These requirements do not apply to every company that sends money internationally. But other protections may be available to you, depending on how you send the money and the laws in your state. Contact your state attorney general  for more about your state’s laws.