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Companion guides

Each of these guides supports the toolkit by helping you contextualize the money conversation to the unique needs of specific populations.

This page includes companion guides for:

Focus on Native Communities companion guide

This guide provides organizations with information that meaningfully connects Your Money, Your Goals to the financial lives of Native community members. The companion guide includes:

  • Tools and information that cover topics such as making the most of an Individual Indian Money Account, using values to set financial goals, and annual planning that reflects seasonal income and expenses
  • An additional module on "financial empowerment and elders" covers ways to identify, address, and prevent financial exploitation of elders
  • Guidance on how to integrate Your Money, Your Goals into your work with Native communities

Tribes and other organizations that serve Native communities helped develop this resource by sharing their experience and perspectives.

  • Focus on Native Communities companion guide
  • Tool: Using values to set goals
  • Tool: Savings and asset limits in Native communities
  • Tool: Making the most of the IIM
  • Tool: Annual planner
  • Tool: Identifying elder financial exploitation
  • Handout: Getting help for elder financial exploitation
  • Tool: Preventing elder financial exploitation
  • Focus on Native Communities training slides

Focus on People with Disabilities companion guide

This guide contains tips, information, tools, and skill-building resources for people with disabilities and from organizations that serve the disability community. It’s based on the idea that everyone has a right to control their own money and make their own financial decisions. The companion guide includes 11 new tools that are fully dynamic and accessible for how to:

  • Set up an Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Account and build savings
  • Pay for assistive technology to achieve independence
  • Understand how income from work impacts Social Security Income (SSI)
  • Identify financial abuse and exploitation and how to get assistance

"Focus on People with Disabilities" was developed with the support of people with disabilities and organizations that serve the disability community.

  • Focus on People with Disabilities companion guide
  • Tool: Starting the money conversation
  • Tool: Paying for assistive devices
  • Tool: Setting up an ABLE Account
  • Tool: SSI estimator
  • Handout: Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • Handout: The role of a representative payee
  • Tool: Monthly budget
  • Handout: Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge
  • Tool: Identifying financial abuse and exploitation
  • Focus on People with Disabilities training slides

Focus on Reentry companion guide

This guide is focused on the needs of people with criminal records. Used in combination with the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit, the guide helps frontline staff work with people to:

  • Identify financial challenges to successful transition
  • Obtain documents related to identification to help ease the transition process
  • Identify and prioritize debt, including criminal justice debt
  • Understand individual rights to obtain and review background screening reports during the employment application process

"Focus on Reentry" can be used any time: while someone is awaiting trial or sentencing, in jail or prison, or following release. 

Focus on Reentry was published before the September 2018 version of the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit. The guide references modules and tools in the previous version of the toolkit. The module numbers and topics referred to in the guide are the same as in the new toolkit. Some of the tools in the new toolkit, however, may be revised or different from those cited in the guide or may now be included in the toolkit as a handout.