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Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending

Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending ensures compliance with federal consumer financial laws by supervising market participants and bringing enforcement actions when appropriate. 

It includes the Office of Supervision Examinations, the Office of Supervision Policy, the Office of Enforcement, and the Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity.

Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending

Eric Blankenstein

Eric Blankenstein, Policy Associate Director

The policy associate director serves as a liaison to the Director’s Office and works with the associate director to lead the strategic direction for the division.

Christopher D'Angelo, Associate Director

The SEFL Associate Director is supported by the SEFL front office and provides the overall direction for the Supervision, Enforcement, and Fair Lending Division. 

Division offices

Paul Sanford

Supervision Examinations

Paul Sanford, Assistant Director

The Office of Supervision Examinations, through four regional offices, supervises and examines financial services companies to protect consumers by ensuring compliance with federal consumer financial laws. Meet our regional directors.

Peggy Twohig

Supervision Policy

Peggy Twohig, Assistant Director

The Office of Supervision Policy develops supervision strategy and provides subject-matter expertise to the CFPB’s examination staff on legal and policy issues. 

Kristen Donoghue


Kristen Donoghue, Assistant Director 

The Office of Enforcement enforces federal consumer financial laws by investigating cases of potential wrongdoing and taking legal action where appropriate.  

Patrice Ficklin

Fair Lending & Equal Opportunity

Patrice Ficklin, Assistant Director

The Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity works to ensure fair, equitable, and nondiscriminatory access to credit for all consumers.