Payments to harmed consumers by case

When we take an enforcement action against a person or company for violating a consumer financial protection law, sometimes the person or company may have to compensate its consumers for the harm it caused. 

Some payments are administered by the defendant (called the “respondent” in an administrative action). In other cases, we may require the person or company that violated the law to make the payment to the CFPB, and then we distribute that money to the victims.

In many cases, defendants administer redress payments themselves or through a designated settlement administrator. The specifics of the redress process are decided on a case-by-case basis within each individual enforcement action.

For questions related to payments in a case with defendant-administered redress, please contact the defendant company directly. 

In some cases, an order may require the person or company that violated the law to pay the redress to us, and then we will distribute that money to victims.  We will often hire a third-party administrator to send out these payments to victims.

For questions related to payments in a case with Bureau-administered redress, please see the individual cases below.

In some cases, when the available redress is insufficient to fully compensate consumers for the harm they have suffered, the Bureau may compensate victims from the Bureau’s Civil Penalty Fund. The money in the Civil Penalty Fund comes from penalties that the Bureau obtains in enforcement actions against entities and individuals who have violated the law.

Civil Penalty Fund and Bureau-administered redress payments to victim classes

Defendant name Type of compensation
American Debt Settlement Solutions, Inc. Civil Penalty Fund
Amerisave Mortgage Corporation Bureau-Administered Redress and Civil Penalty Fund
Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC Bureau-Administered Redress
Colfax Capital Corporation Civil Penalty Fund
Flagstar Bank, F.S.B. Bureau-Administered Redress
Franklin Loan Corporation Bureau-Administered Redress
Freedom Stores, Inc. Bureau-Administered Redress
Gordon, et al. Civil Penalty Fund
Green Tree Servicing, LLC Bureau-Administered Redress
JPMorgan Chase Bureau-Administered Redress
Meracord Civil Penalty Fund
Military Assistance Company, LLC (MAC) Bureau-Administered Redress
National Corrective Group, Inc. Civil Penalty Fund
National Legal Help Center Civil Penalty Fund
Payday Loan Debt Solution, Inc. Bureau-Administered Redress and Civil Penalty Fund
Residential Credit Solutions, Inc. Bureau-Administered Redress
S/W Tax Loans, Inc. Bureau-Administered Redress
Union Workers Credit Services Civil Penalty Fund
3D Resorts Bluegrass LLC Bureau-Administered Redress and Civil Penalty Fund