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Credit cards

Know Before You Owe: Credit cards

Know Before You Owe: credit cards

A credit card agreement describes the structures and features of a credit card. These contracts can be dense and complex. We believe it is important to make them less complicated so that consumers can better understand their credit cards. We created a prototype for a new agreement.

Explore our prototype, and let us know what you think of it.


Credit card complaints

This database allows the public to know what is being complained about and why. It contains certain individual-level field data collected by the CFPB, including the type of complaint, the date of submission, the consumer’s ZIP code, and the company that the complaint concerns. The database also includes information about the actions taken on a complaint – whether the company’s response was timely, how the company responded, and whether the consumer disputed the company’s response. The database does not include confidential information about a consumer’s identity.

Review complaints.

Credit card agreements

This database of credit card agreements from more than 300 card issuers. These agreements feature general terms and conditions, pricing, and fee information. You can search through the agreements by either the name of the institution that issued the card or the text of the agreement.

Search current agreements.

Survey of credit card plans

The CFPB began to survey semi-annually the terms of credit card plans (FR 2572) offered by financial institutions on January 31, 2012, and publishes a report of the findings. The report includes information from the largest credit card issuers in the country, as well as other financial institutions that we select to participate in the survey. The credit terms shown in the accompanying list are subject to change. You should contact issuers for current rates and to learn about other credit card plans if you have any additional questions.

Review the plans and get the data dictionary.

Report a credit card plan

Use the form and instructions below to report credit card plans:

Download the instructions

Download the form


The CFPB accepts credit card complaints from consumers. We forward these issues to the credit card issuers, give a tracking number to each person who submits a complaint, and we keep people updated on the status of their complaints.

File a credit card complaint.

The CARD Act Conference

The CARD Act

The Credit CARD Act is intended to prohibit certain unfair or abusive practices, and to make rates and fees on credit cards more transparent. In February 2011, we held a conference focused on the impact of the CARD Act. We also marked the occasion with our first consumer survey.

Learn more about the CARD Act, the conference, and what we learned from consumers.