Leadership calendar

At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we are committed to letting you know how we’re working for you every day by, among other things, providing you with a view into the workday of the CFPB’s senior leadership.

Richard Cordray is the director of the CFPB. David Silberman is the acting deputy director. We post their calendars online after reviewing it to determine whether any information contained therein must or should be withheld from public disclosure in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. We update the calendar retrospectively for the months they have occupied these leadership roles. We do not post current or future calendars. Due to the time-intensive preparation process, each month’s calendar will appear on this page at least a few weeks after that month has concluded. We have also retained the calendars of people who have previously led the day-to-day work of the CFPB.

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Richard Cordray Meeting on Budget
Richard Cordray Travel
Richard Cordray Interview with Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Services Chairman and CEO
Richard Cordray Travel
Richard Cordray Meeting on Strategy
Richard Cordray Check-In with Consumer Response
Richard Cordray Check-In with Consumer Education and Engagement
Richard Cordray Meeting on Auto Lending
Richard Cordray Travel
Richard Cordray Remarks at American Bankers Association's ABC Spring Meeting