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Consumers’ mortgage shopping experience

We aim to help consumers become better and more informed mortgage shoppers. This report examines information related to consumers’ mortgage shopping experience, using responses from the National Survey of Mortgage Borrowers. Our focus is on what the data tell us about the early stages of getting a mortgage, particularly the extent to which consumers shopped […]

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Report of the CFPB pursuant to section 1017(e)(4) of the Dodd-Frank Act

Pursuant to Section 1017(e)(4) of the Dodd-Frank Act, and our commitment to accountability and transparency, we are pleased to present this report to the Committees on Appropriations of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, which covers the time period from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014, the end of the Bureau’s fiscal […]

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Growing our human capital: Annual report to Congress 2014

Here’s our report to Congress on training and workforce development, workplace flexibilities, and recruitment and retention at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This report demonstrates the progress we’ve made in building and developing the workforce needed to successfully accomplish our mission. Read our fourth annual report to Congress.

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2014 College credit card agreements

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (“CARD Act”) requires us to submit to Congress, and to make available to the public, an annual report that lists information submitted to the Bureau concerning agreements between credit card issuers and institutions of higher education or certain organizations affiliated with such institutions. This report refers to […]

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Consumer credit reports: A study of medical and non-medical collections

Roughly half of all collections tradelines that appear on credit reports are reported by debt collectors seeking to collect on medical bills claimed to be owed to hospitals and other medical providers. These medical debt collections tradelines affect the credit reports of nearly one-fifth of all consumers in the credit reporting system. Our paper describes […]

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2014 CFPB annual employee survey results

More than 83 percent of the CFPB employee population responded to the third annual employee survey conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) between July 15, 2014 and August 15, 2014. We’ll use feedback from tools like the annual employee survey to develop strategies to better serve employee needs. View the full report of […]

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