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Supervisory Highlights: Fall 2014

The supervision of companies offering financial products and services is one of our core functions, and we remain committed to periodically publishing Supervisory Highlights to share general information about examination findings without identifying specific institutions (except for public enforcement actions). We also publish this report to communicate operational changes to our supervision program, and to […]

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Annual report of the CFPB student loan ombudsman 2014

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act established a student loan ombudsman within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Pursuant to the Act, this annual report analyzes complaints submitted by consumers with student loans from October 1, 2013, through September 30, 2014. The largest subset of private student loan complaints we handled relate to […]

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Manufactured-housing consumer finance in the U.S.

Manufactured homes account for a small but important share of single-family housing in the U.S. Though manufactured homes are commonly referred to as “mobile homes” or “trailers,” they are a specific type of factory-built housing, and most manufactured homes are never moved from their original location. We’ve done some research into manufactured housing and its […]

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Supervisory Highlights: Summer 2014

We’re committed to a consumer financial marketplace that is fair, transparent, competitive, and that works for all consumers. One of the tools we use to help meet this goal is to supervise companies offering financial products and services. Periodically, we publish Supervisory Highlights to share general information about the findings of our examinations without identifying […]

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Using publicly available information to proxy for unidentified race and ethnicity

We ensure that lenders are complying with fair lending laws and are addressing discrimination across the consumer credit industry. Information on consumer race and ethnicity is required to conduct fair lending analysis of non-mortgage credit products, but auto lenders and other non-mortgage lenders are generally not allowed to collect consumers’ demographic information. As a result, […]

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Financial wellness at work

In the wake of the recession, many employers have seen how financial distress reduces worker productivity, increases absenteeism, and undermines employees’ health. Forward-looking employers have begun to take action, adopting creative approaches to enhance employee financial well-being. We’ve been researching how innovative companies are leveraging technology, peer-to-peer relationships, and other promising practices to find low-cost, […]

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