Resources for parents and caregivers

Children learn from watching you earn, shop, save, and borrow – you’re the top influence on their financial lives. And you don’t need to be a money expert to help them start out strong.

Money as you grow

Try these activities and conversation starters to help your children develop money skills, habits, and attitudes that can serve them well as adults.

Early childhood

Young children, ages 3 to 5, develop basic skills and attitudes that lay the foundation for later financial well-being. Help them learn to stay focused, make plans, follow directions, complete tasks, and solve problems.

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Middle childhood

In middle childhood, ages 6 to 12, kids are beginning to absorb and interact with the financial world around them. Help them build financial habits and values that shape how they earn, save, and shop.

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Teen years and young adulthood

Teens and young adults, ages 13 to 21, begin to make more of their own financial decisions. Give them chances to make money choices, experience natural consequences, and reflect on their decisions.

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How kids develop money skills

As children grow and learn, they move through key stages where they can build up a solid foundation for financial well-being. Understanding these stages can help you guide your children.

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