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Student debt domino effect?


This morning, Assistant Director for Students Rohit Chopra wrote an op-ed that appeared in Politico about the impact of student debt on the economy:

While many in Washington are focused on what loans look like for future borrowers, there may be a domino effect on the broader economy if we ignore borrowers currently stuck with high student loan payments.

Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau highlighted a year ago that student debt had surpassed the $1 trillion threshold, others have warned about the impact on the broader economy. Last year, the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research described how student debt might impact demand for mortgage credit. The Federal Reserve Board’s open market committee discussed whether student debt is impacting household spending. And just a few weeks ago, the Financial Stability Oversight Council discussion of student debt in its annual report added to the chorus.

In February, we asked the public to tell us about potential policy options to tackle the problem of unmanageable student debt — particularly private student loans, a market that boomed in the years leading to the financial crisis. We received more than 28,000 submissions from experts and individuals. We heard that high student debt levels might impact everything from homeownership to health care.

We’ve cross-posted the piece on our site, as well. Read the whole thing.

We also published a report on student loan affordability that highlights these issues in more detail.

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