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    Saving is a big deal

    • Anonymous

      Does it make sense to “save” at 1% or less interest rate if that same person has credit card debts charging 12% to 19% interest every month? When does credit card debt reduction incentivizing occur? How about for every 100 dollars saved, a consumer gets 2,000 dollars worth of credit card debt interest rates reduced to the same percentage as the interest paid out on their savings account?

      • Lam

        You’re asking for a free $2000 for saving $100? There’s no need for further incentives, especially one as ludicrous as that . Your incentive is that you throw away less money in interest by paying off your debt.

        And dude, if a person is careless enough to rack up revolving credit card debt, set aside $1000 for emergency expenses and use all leftover money to pay that down first.

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