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Open for Suggestions: Our Favorite Videos


A couple weeks ago, we asked you to submit your suggestions on building an effective new consumer bureau. Since then, we’ve been taking some of these suggestions and asking members of our team to record video responses. Some of them are pretty camera shy – and some aren’t – but once they started talking about what they do and what the consumer bureau is up to, everybody was ready to jump in.

In just those couple weeks we received hundreds of suggestions on Twitter, YouTube, and our website, – and we’ve read or listened to every single one – most of them more than once.

Some of you are worried about long, complicated credit agreements. Some of you want to make sure we make financial education a priority. And some of you have ideas about how we can improve our website. The variety of responses has been the most encouraging part of this process: people are interested in the work the CFPB is going to do for American families, and they are willing to invest some time to speak up and tell us about it.

It turns out that these videos are pretty responsive to many of your suggestions and concerns. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites to share with you:

In this video, Marla Blow, Deputy Assistant Director for Card Markets, responds to a question about credit card terms:

Holly Petraeus, Assistant Director for Servicemember Affairs, offers important tips to servicemembers:

Rich Cordray, former Attorney General of Ohio and Assistant Director for Enforcement, talks about how CFPB will work with state attorneys general and other state regulators:

We’ve heard that these videos can be really helpful – so check them out, and share them with your friends and family.

  • Kim Noreen Anderson

    I have been following Elizabeth Warren for some time ~ and am extremely grateful that she is on the “people’s” side. There are a few DVD’s I would encourage people to watch – one of them “Maxed Out” is a must see for anybody that is in debt of any kind…
    Thank you so much for all you are doing.
    Kim Anderson

  • Alan

    I have never missed a payment on my credit cards in some 28 years, yet because I have been making minimum payments, my Bank (WF) raised my interest rate out of the roof, and lowered my line of credit account. I have had banks make 3-4 credit inquiries when I have opened a checking account, and also when I applied for a home mortgage. So, in addition to the foregoing reasons, the banks claim that I have all these inquiries. It doesn’t surprise me that the banks made bade lending decisions, based upon my experience. The banks are gauging their good customers. They need to be reined in from these practices. Please no more bailouts for these people,

    I also find it interesting that Wall Street has made a lot of money since Obama has been in office, so I don’t know why they think he is anti-business. These Wall Street CEOs are getting paid huge bonuses now. Why did we ever bail them out. Wall Street needs to be reined in.

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