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Now you have better options to dispute a credit report error


If you’re trying to correct an error in your credit report at one of the nation’s largest credit reporting companies, there is some good news. Recently, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion added a function to their dispute-handling system that makes it easier for you to explain your dispute.

Now you can upload, mail, or fax any supporting documents you have to explain the errors in your credit report.

Why you should care about correcting your credit report

Credit reports play a part in most major consumer lending decisions– including mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, and private student loans.

If there is inaccurate information in your report, it could cause a lender to offer you an interest rate that is less favorable than it would otherwise offer.  Some inaccuracies could even lead lenders to turn you down entirely.

Every year, millions of Americans exercise their right to dispute their credit report. In 2011, for example, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion collectively received about 8 million requests disputing the accuracy of information in credit reports.

Since October 2012, when we started taking credit reporting complaints, we’ve handled about 31,000 complaints from consumers frustrated with credit reporting companies. The majority of those complaints have been about the accuracy and completeness of credit reports.

What’s different?

Now, you can provide supporting documents such as a paid bill, a letter you wrote explaining the issue, a police report, or proof of identity information, or other correspondence.

Including relevant supporting documents can be important because it allows you to provide evidence that supports your dispute.

Credit reporting companies must forward your dispute, including all relevant information, to the furnisher (the company that originally gave the information to the credit reporting companies). If the furnisher corrects your information because of your dispute, it must correct that information with every credit reporting company with whom it has a relationship.

Check your credit report

So, if you haven’t done so recently, get your free annual credit report at Check for errors. And if you find an error, use your own words and supporting documentation to explain your dispute. You can also submit a complaint with us.

  • MsCatsMeow

    The ability to upload documents directly to the agency is a huge improvement. I really dislike being asked to mail sensitive information to some P.O. box and never knowing if the package arrived or not. Some items that might be sent could contain enough info for ID theft if the package was waylaid. Not a good situation. Uploading is much more secure.

  • Frustrasted

    I have been disputing information reported on my credit report for over 6 months now. I have provided payment history reflecting correct balances and payment history. All three bureaus refuse to correct the infomation and have told me they have verified with the creditors information they are reporting correctly. I have contacted the 2 creditor I’m disputing and provided them accurate information which I received from their system and asked that they report accurate information the credit bureaus, both responded that they have reviewed the information I have provided and the information they are reporting to the bureaus is accurate. I feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall. The information they are reporting is incorrect.

    • UGH!!!

      I too have been disputing wrong information on my credit report for about 8 months now. I too have sent the credit bureaus copies of letters and payments as proof that the account is settled and closed. At first, all three credit bureaus had incorrect information about a credit card that I had settled and the credit bureaus were showing as still past due and in collection. I finally got in touch with the bank and they found the error and updated the correct information about 6 months ago. But, only Experian corrected the information. Equifax and TranUnion were still showing the wrong information. So, each month I would submit a new dispute and each time the results would come back as nothing was wrong with what they were reporting. I finally got in touch with the bank again, and they told me that they had sent the corrected information to the two credit bureaus, and they did not know why they were not following through with updating my reports. So, now what!!! The results they send me always say that they have investigated and that the bank has told them the information they have is correct. What I think is happening is that they just see that the dispute is for the same item as the original dispute, that they may have really investigated when the bank did not realize their mistake, and they just think that it has already been investigated and they don’t need to look into it again. What are you suppose to do if the credit bureau is at fault and not the creditor? This it crashing my credit score and I will be laid off in a couple of months and a bad credit score could cost me a good job.

  • leo mathew

    Justice Chandra is a retired judge of Chennai high court. During when he works dispatch 96,000 cases . In that Mostly he used to solve Women’s issues.

  • Phil Pennington

    everyone is looking to improve their credit record to maintain their future transactions with financial agencies. It is really very necessary to make your credit records wealthy.

  • Beckie Moriello

    I didn’t know that I could file a complaint! I will now though. I won an appeal of a civil suit, and the bleeping credit bureaus refuse to update it. I’ve repeatedly used their online forms to alert them to the error, and they respond that they checked and the judgment against me is correct. Um, either they’re illiterate or lying, because I won the appeal.

  • Ohforpetessake

    My credit report is showing a bankruptcy I would like to challenge but am getting the run around from all three CRA’s. Where do I begin to file a complaint.

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