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Notice about possibly malicious emails


Today, the CFPB has learned that businesses have received emails that falsely purport to originate from the CFPB. These emails contain the subject line “Consumer complaint regarding your Company.” They direct recipients to respond to consumer complaints filed against them.

The CFPB did not send or direct anyone to send these emails.

These emails may be malicious. To minimize the risks they may present to you, we suggest the following actions. If you receive such an email:

  1. Do not respond to it.
  2. Refrain from opening or clicking on any links in such emails.
  3. Do not provide any personal, consumer, or commercial information in response to these emails.

The CFPB continues to investigate this incident and will respond accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused you.

Chris Willey is the CFPB’s Chief Information Officer.

  • Dave

    yep i get one or two of them a day

  • Kay

    Thank you for having this information on your site.  I just received one of these messages for the first time and wondered what it was.  I’ll be sure to pass along the warning about malicious mail.

  • Af

    Me three!
    I clicked on them 4 times before realizing they were false!
    The only give away is the email address they are sent from but even the address looks like a legitimate business.
    Like someone hacked their email.

    Nothing came up after clickimg the links and the sites were all differfent.

  • Albert

    Thanks for the useful information! I’ve received today one as well.

  • Lynn

    I received one yesterday and am based in the UK

  • Claff84

    I received one yesterday took the address before deleting. 1500  pennsylvania ave, washington.
    I am also in UK

  • Sherry

    My Subject line read:  Complaint of Financial Misconduct.

    You may want to watch out for this one also.

  • Sam

    Pleas add an email address specifically for receiving forwarded phishing scam.  

  • Katty

    Thanks for the useful information! I’ve received today one as well.
    E-mail : Gregorio Wilson [] of CFPB

  • Jean

    I just received one of these and replied back asking for copy of report before I saw this warning.  Hope it doesn’t cause my email problems.  How do I report or forward this to CFPB?

  • Otoad

    Does the CFPB have an email address, such as, where phishing emails with full headers can be forwarded that will assist in the investigation? That is a common process for most US businesses to fight the spamming / phishing battles.

  • Ray

    I received one from an email address that was from a guitar company. Here is the person and the address that I copied from the email: German Crane []

    The subject line said: Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection complaint,  but the phone # and address match the one on your website.  I will fax a copy of the email to your fax #.

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