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Notice about possible debt consolidation scam


Earlier this month we told you about sweepstakes scams. We now have learned of another scam that we are looking into.

Consumers are now reporting that callers are claiming to be from the CFPB and offering debt consolidation services. These callers are asking for credit card information from consumers.

The CFPB does not offer debt consolidation services. Consumers trust the CFPB to help them and we take that trust very seriously. Unfortunately, scammers are trying to abuse that trust but we will work diligently to address the problem.

If you receive suspicious calls related to the CFPB, please call us directly at (855) 411-CFPB and let us know. Your tips, like the one that led to this update, help us stay on top of how consumers are being targeted.

Chris Willey is the CFPB’s Chief Information Officer.

  • Debt Relief

    It is not enough to use debt consolidation to get rid of your debts. You also need to look towards your future and where you can find a bit of money in savings to start planning for retirement, children, or buying a home. Set future goals that you can attain after you are completely debt free and living happily again without credit cards.

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