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  • Eager to Attend

    Is the Live Stream working for anyone?

    • Deem

      I’m not seeing anything – I think it starts at 9:30am

      • Eager to Attend

        According to the agenda, it began at 9:00 ET

  • Scott

    Not working here.

  • Matt Erwin

    It’s working, but it is very very choppy.

  • Jaret Seiberg

    Can someone at CFPB please post the agenda for today on this blog? Thank you.

  • jordan hymowitz

    who are the speakers on this panel and is there written testimony?

  • Choppy

    Hope they release transcripts.

  • ComplianceChick

    How long is this supposed to last?

  • Frustrated watcher

    Will this be archived and available to view later? The choppiness is making it impossible to understand.

  • Rick Preiss

    Great session only marred by the fact that there were 3 different start times published: 7:45 AM, 9:30 AM and finally 9:00 AM. As a result, I and others, missed the opening remarks by Director Cordray and the Federal Reserve.

  • Edwin Groshans

    Does anyone know when a replay of the webcast will be made available

  • Donald Duck

    Another OBAMA confused program! ANOTHER OBAMACARE!

    • Saaby000

      Another quack remark.

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