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Live from Phoenix!


Today, we held “Protecting homeowners: New tools for empowering consumers and advocates” in Phoenix.

The live event has ended.

This event was a training for housing counselors, legal aid attorneys, and other advocates on the new mortgage servicing rules that take effect today. The training also featured remarks from Director Richard Cordray.

Find out more about our work on mortgages.

A recording of the event is available below.

  • John Patrick Mijac

    Are there network problems on your end or mine?

    • Tanya

      I can’t access from my IPad

  • John Patrick Mijac

    If client must move to obtain employment and their home is underwater. They do not want to ruin their credit so they continue to make timely payments. Is there any help with the “short sale” balance because home must be sold without client going into delinquent status?.

  • Michael

    are the powerpoint slides available for download

  • Karen Louis

    are the materials referenced during the training available on the website?

  • gxcar

    Is the guide you referenced in the video (and/or powerpoint slides) available on your website? If not, where can we obtain a copy?

    • CFPB Web Team

      The guide and other materials are available here:

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