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  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else seeing a live feed? I still have no audio or video.

  • Anonymous

    Having issues too, keeps repeating and then completely stopping

  • CFPB Web Team

    If you are having trouble accessing video or audio please
    refresh your browser. Thank you!

  • Matt

    I was having trouble, but it is working for me now. I had to use firefox.

  • KarenD

    Please have speakers speak more into the microphones. They are difficult to hear on the feed!

    • KarenD

      I can’t hear Cheryl at all and cannot turn my computer up any further.

  • Tim

    Please post the names of the panel participants. Thank you.

  • ren wei

    when will the video be available? and please try to provide subtitles next time. Thanks

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  • Over the River

    Thank you.

  • Tina

    When will the recording be available? It has been 5 days already.

  • thuocthuy

    interesting post

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