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Live from Minneapolis!


Today’s live events have now ended. You can read Raj’s full remarks from the University of Minnesota.

Be sure to check out the new Know Before You Owe – student loans initiative. We’re helping the Department of Education to develop a new model financial aid offer. Tell us what you think of the project.

You can watch an archived version of this morning’s speech below:

The content on this page changed throughout the day to reflect the current or upcoming video.

  • Amado Gonzalez

    Is the event still scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm eastern time?  Not streaming yet.

  • Michael

    I’m waiting also

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone getting a feed?

  • Clsymaker

    This isn’t working

  • Todd Leatherman

    Has the livestream begun?

  • Nutridoc

    I am here and hope that your live broadcast will be live shortly.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It is working now, refresh your browser

  • Elaine

    I can’t seem to connect to the video.

  • Michael

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

  • Pball

    uhmmm not happening yet?

  • ewitterholt

    No feed for me.

  • Todd Leatherman

    It’s working – refresh browser if not getting it.

  • LT

    is this audio check a sign of continuation?

  • Nutridoc

    Thank you CFPB, I was able to hear the information shared by Raj Date, and have printed off the pages for the Assistant to show my mortgage lender so they will be able to calculate my potential debt payments, at the time that they are expected to be due. As an aside; what have you decided to do to address things like medical crisis that affect employablility, and student loan debt repayment which continues to add compounded interest to principle adding to the challenges of repayment when health and work become a reality?

  • Ellen

    Not seeing the video posted from this afternoons Livestream in Minneapolis.  Is there still a Townhall Meeting tonight in Minneapolis?

  • Nuff823

    Was this a secret broadcast?  It would have been nice to know that CFPB was doing this!  So much for openness and transparency!   

    • Ellen

      If your not part of the future, then get out of the way.  We’ve had enough of being ripped of by legal-ese and corporate computers.

  • Ellen

    Are you guy’s going online, or what?  I have other things to do rather than sit and wait to see if you can get your act together!

  • Isabellknuckles

    I would really have liked to see the live stream.

    • Michael Villacres

      @Isabell Two options for you. First click on “Contact us” at the bottom of this page, under “Information” and tell Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to archive the footage to watch later. And secondly, click on CFPB’s “Subscribe by e-mail” link at the lower left to be told of future events. This is how I found out of the Minn event. Take care.

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