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Live from Miami-Dade, Florida


Join us for a field hearing in Miami-Dade County, Florida on student loan borrowers starting at 6 p.m. EDT today. Follow along on twitter using #StudentDebt.

Today’s live event has ended.

If you missed the event, you can read Director Cordray’s remarks, watch the recording below, or read our report on student debt and student loan affordability.

  • TooMuchDebt

    I wish my loan would get me a job – good job SoFi!

  • lobaby

    Hi, Yes I have student loans and married but not understanding why the debt collectors call ask for personal information confirm who their talking with and I ask who they are only trying to collect a debt. They can’t confirm to me when I pay taxes where money taken given to my student loan who or what received that money??!!

  • InDebt

    Is a recording of this going to be available later?

  • FML

    I also hope a recording of this will be available. I was distressed to see that they primarily focused on private loans. When all my federal loans went into inevitable default, the servicers fined me
    outrageous fees (as I remember now I had one 10,000 dollar fine for
    defaulting on a 7500 dollar loan), and over time my loans were broken up, and sold from one agency to another. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a collection company, bank or loan servicer in America I have not gotten a collection letter from since 2005. I originally borrowed around 80,000 for my education. It has ballooned to a six figure student loan debt, primarily from the fines. I make 43000 gross yearly. I consolidated my loans this time last year. It took a full month of emails, calls, and paperwork to gather the information I needed just to apply – a total of six months for the process to be complete. The bureaucracy of it was staggering and a real barrier that had dissuaded me from consolidating beforehand. I am a common statistic if the first panel was accurate. I am 35 and live at home. I did not find employment in my degree field. Homeownership is a laughable fantasy. My car is 10 years old with 150,000 miles and I will have to drive it until it literally explodes. I have no savings, no hope of investing, let alone spending in my community. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my debt, and avoid talking about it. Through the grace of my parents who paid cash, I went to nursing school. I am newly employed. My only realistic option is the ten year public service ICP. Considering most hospitals and many LTC facilities are non-profit and I plan on setting up automatic payments and never looking at or acknowledging this deduction from my account, I can even job jump with relative certainty that I will always qualify for the plan as a nurse. I am very grateful for my long suffering parents.

  • Anonymous

    Bankruptcy protection now!

    • FML


  • JoeSmith

    Where’s the recording???

  • Y8

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  • Friv 4

    This material is fantastic! It’s choked with attention-grabbing knowledge and sound points.

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