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Live from Madison, Wisconsin!


Today’s live event has ended.

We were at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) for a field hearing on youth and post-secondary financial education. There were remarks from CFPB Director Richard Cordray, followed by a panel discussion, and testimony from consumer groups, industry representatives, and members of the public.

A recording of the event is available below.

  • Liz Gross

    Is there a hashtag for people that are watching this live?

  • Laura Rosen

    Is there a conference line? I am having trouble viewing the webcast.

  • Liz Gross

    The feed has turned really choppy and is almost impossible to understand :(

  • Karla Weber

    The video stream is awful! Can’t understand any of what people are saying :(

  • Kristen Gardner-Volle

    Will this recording be made available later? The audio is not syncing with the video and is very choppy and impossible to understand.

  • deb

    This live feed is not coming thru very well

  • deb

    The livesteam just got really bad

  • deb

    Much better now

  • julioa rtiga

    I think that the long term goal of financial education should be to become an integral part of school curriculum at all levels from K to high school. This can be achieved by either creating a curriculum that will be adopted by the all school districts or developing a “parallel” curriculum deliver in multiple online an traditional channels. This curriculum can be develop based on lessons learned from the multitude of curriculum on what works and what new avenues can be explored to make financial education an attractive option for the end user at all points of their financial cycle needs.
    Financial education needs to move from being a topic of discussion at a panel or a remedial band aid to a national goal embraced by legislators, private sector, educators and community groups.Financial education will empower new generations with the tools needed to make the right decisions and avoid being taken advantage in an environment of complex regulations and financial practices.

  • Susan

    Oh dear. As already stated, ” The audio is not syncing with the video and is very choppy and impossible to understand.” Can this be improved? Is someone working on it?

  • Playtwomore

    Presentation is in very poor quality. I could not follow most of the participants.

  • baybayanaksesuar

    I liked video presantion. it is very good

  • Mpiya Manuero

    can you transcribe the video to text

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