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  • Joe

    Where is the stream going to be shown? There is nothing on this webpage.

  • Anon

    is the livestream available? i cannot seem to find it.

  • Richard

    Why weren’t narratives included in the original publication of the database?

    • Cakes

      Go on!

  • Cnrnd Cnsmr

    Every consumer that disputes a debt is not injured. The polarity of this approach is inherently dangerous. Consumer rights are important, yet I wonder how long this nation would survive if everyone were able to escape payment of their legitimate debt simply by disputing it or claiming fraud. Granted, the credit & collection industry has a history of consumer abuse. At the same time, unless a realistic balance can be struck between immunity from debt mascarading as protection vs. bonafide responsibility, our nation will become a fraternity of delinquents. The availability of credit related goods and services are already becoming less available to the average citizen because of it. Historically, sooner or later the pendulum of power and influence always swings back the other way. When lenders, medical providers and other creditors finally unite and install their leaders and representatives into seats of power, where will the consumer be then? This agency should avoid the path of eventual obsolescence and consider that balance in their policies and practices. Only then, will the consumer be truly well served.

  • pam

    I know – how about a narrative that offers industry feedback to the unsubstantiated hurts of individuals that don’t take responsibility and pay their debts or read the agreements they are signing? Yes, there ARE problems – but you all relish in pitting consumers against ANY industry and fail miserably in providing an equal forum. Let’s get it all out there CFPB! Both sides! I know it doesn’t fit in your agenda.

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