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  • lizzie

    marvelous! thank you for this enlightening presentation.

  • Michael Marr

    The notion that the mortgage crisis was some kind of surprise is disingenuous. Bankruptcy lawyers had files full of bad mortgages being written in early in the decade and foresaw the crash of an overheated market in 2005 when the bankruptcy laws and the OCC credit card rules changed. Even back in 1999 Judge Margaret Murphy opined that securitized debt was going to crash the economy.

  • Tim Bradford

    I only was able to listen to a portion of the event. Some of the people that made comments or statements said the they WANTED an affordalble modification. Who can define AFFORDABLE? The CFPB has issued rules pertaining to the Ability to Repay. That may be a start in the answer to the questions of “What is Affordable”. If a lender or servicer says it appear the payment is affordable, does the borrower have the right to tell the Lender “it is not affordable to me” and then tell the lender the terms they believe are affordable?

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