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  • Carol O’Rourke

    Congratualtions, CFPB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anubis

    Year three will be decidedly better with a directer. Good luck to all of us.

  • Jay

    Can a bank legally take money out of my account I have with them to pay for a loan I had with them that was charged off over 10 years ago?
    They told me even though they charged it off, they can still collect on it and take money from a new account i recently opened for my SSI disability check. Is this LEGAL???

    • Earl

      I bet most of the complaints are against the huge mega banks who care only about how money can we make today and have no concern for the well being of their customers. You will be treated differently at a community bank.

    • Guest Poster

      When a bank charge’s off a loan, they are doing that for accounting reasons and treating it as a loss. Unless you bank releases you from liability on your loan and if the loan documents or your checking account agreement contains language where you agreed to give the bank the right to “set off” any amounts you owe the bank with funds you place in your checking account, then, generally, that is Legal. However, since the loan is 10 years old, you may be able to bring a claim against the bank if state law prohibits the bank from exercising its rights more than 10 years after your default on the loan.

  • Rachel

    congratulations. I’m thankful that you are around. Continue the good work.

    • Niyonsenga Thomas

      i am very happy with this new systeme but i live far of you in Rwanda and i need become your member

  • Katie

    Happy Birthday. Consider your present the tax dollars you spent creating this piece of art.

  • Margie Chidley

    Thank the lord. Really. A wonderful thing to have come out of the financial incompetence of the last decade.


    What have you done for me? I contacted you many times regarding this giant mortgage fraud from COUNTRYWIDE/BANK OF AMERICA-you seemed to be tilting on their side- they have falsified my documents (REVERSE MORTGAGE) INTO A CONVENTIONAL-I AM A 71 YR OLD CITIZEN AND AT THE AGE OF 62 I OBTAIN a reverse mortgage- this broker and COUNTRYWIDE forged and falsified it into a CONVENTIONAL SO THAT THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO PAY THEMSELVES HUGE COMMISSIONS CALLED “YIELD SHIELD PREMIUMS” TAYLORED FOR BLACK (LIKE MYSELF) SENIORS-
    you turned your head away and made believe that you couldn’t do anything- how come?


      I feel the same way you do I made a complaint to the OCC and they forwarded to CFPB mine is a refinance in 2006 by a broker at Veridian Inc. whom as far as I can find does not and did not exist and Wells Fargo the loan has been assigned they forged all loan and escrow even a loan app with all fony income and assets every doc recorded is forged and robo signed the loan started subprime fixed at 8% int. 120,000.00 now 7 years later they take it upon themselves to switch to ARM and add 41.000 making it 160,000 I had all the BANKSTERS Citi mort.Wells Fargo, EMC Mortgage J P Morgan Chase and Residential Credit Solutions. CFPB did nothing for me they comunicated with the bank gave them an extra 30 days, once chase replied with their obviously fraudulent docs Cfpb just seemed to wash their hands you are right they are not there for the consumers, but you don’t need to use the race card , They did not a damn thing for me, and I am a white widow we need to all pull together and

      take them all to court and make it public put a stop to them making money even in our proven fraud and deception while keeping it hid we have been robbed by the banks and our government. we all know that these big banks were sued by our government and their appointed intities for compliance control and had they been doing their job the banks would not have been sued for MORTGAGE and FORECLOSURE FRAUD Since no deed of trust or note (a contract) can be inforced under fraud and is void at state and federal level I believe that the consumers should be getting a GRANT DEED and REFUND not a MODIFICATION or REFINANCE


  • Jillayne Schlicke

    Thank you, CFPB! Please remember not everyone in the mortgage lending industry is against what you are doing!!!! :) Many of us saw predatory lending as it happened and welcome a national federal mortgage cop. Keep up the good work!

    • Niyonsenga Thomas

      yes i s good to keep up the good works and everyone is not happy with our works but our goods works will change many persons in the world

  • Jeongkook SON


  • CC-Atlanta

    Congratulations and I wish you MANY more!!! Keep up the great work and I hope I get an opportunity to attend a live field visit in the future.

  • Mercutio Peters

    Congratulations!! CFPB and the team for the excellent work over the last two years. Wish you many more to come.

  • Ellen C.

    I couldn’t believe it when our “esteemed” Congress passed legislaltion that’s actually so beneficial to the taxpayers. You’ve been very helpful to me helping me with my nightmare with the evil credit bureaus, and they are evil, especially Equifax. I thank the powers that for the CFPB!

  • Steven Moore

    I will always be available to assist others with referral to your organization and it inspired me take additional training in certification by Industry Experts, I always will promote your efforts and defend your organization against the nay Sayers, already in just 732 days, we have something in common and that is Consumer Protection in Plain clear language. I am proud to know that CFPB has my back .Steven Moore, Landers CA.

  • AFBobBlairJr

    Despite my many attempts for comment or approbation, I have
    no response to my stating that the Truth in Lending Act of 1968 currently uses
    the Mathematically-Untrue method of calculating the Annual Percentage
    Rate. The current method is the
    Simple-Interest method, chosen for its simplicity in 1968, according to one of
    the composers. The correct method is the
    Compound Annual Percentage Rate, which is used in the U,K., in Canada
    and tin he Truth in Savings Act and called the Annual Percentage Yield.

  • KnitComments

    Happy birthday, CFPB! Keep up the great work, we’re depending on you.

    Your fan,

  • Mr_B

    Congratulation! continue success and Thanks to all ,results do count

  • Bill

    Congratulations to Mr. Cordray and all the wonderful folks at CFPB. Keep up the great work you’re doing.

  • Anne

    You are one of the few bright spots in our government right now. Thank you for hanging in there and fighting!!!!!

  • Roostr

    Two years of another agency we didn’t need. More rules and regulations everyday. More bureaucrats making less sense. Thanks a lot Elizabeth Warren.

  • None

    Can we comment without the NSA tracking it back?

  • aj

    our mortgage was sold to pennymac from citibank. we were 2 months in arrears. now we are only due for the currenr month. We should be able to catch up in august. We are scared pennymac will forclose. Please investigate pennymac!

    • Debt Suspension Rights

      I don’t hear the term “change in terms” used very much, but it can be a very powerful tool for consumers to use in situations such as yours. If your mortgage loan is sold to a new entity and they in any way change the terms from what citibank had in place, and do it without your permission/signature, I think they have violated a very basic consumer right. And I hope a change in terms without the consumer’s approval is a wrong that the CFPB vigilantly fights against.

  • Rose Mullet

    Believe all their statistics are made up as they never once acted on my behalf, nor helped to resolve one complaint filed through the CFPB, and are an agency that reminds me of the FTC as just taking information for their purposes only, and not factually acting on the public’s behalf, the BBB is a much better agency to file complaints that factually acts on the public’s behalf.

  • Rose Mullet

    If tax dollars go to this agency, this would be an excellent cut as they do nothing for the public.

  • Rose Mullet

    A waste of my time to have filed the complaints with this agency.

  • Henry Thoreau

    Thank you for this information. Keep up the good work!

  • CSCrofts

    CFPB is doing fantastic work! Thank you

  • Jerry

    Can’t tell any difference by me. Credit bureaus have been reporting wrong (documented) information on me for over 10 months with no responsibility or consequences!

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