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Choosing a college is a big deal. We can help!


This month, students across the country will receive college acceptance letters. For many people, the excitement of being one step closer to realizing their dream or reaching a major life milestone is coupled with anxiety about how to pay for it and the prospect of taking on student loan debt.

Compare your financial aid offers now.

To help you navigate these new waters, we’ve just launched a crisp new version of our Paying for College tool kit. Making apples-to-apples comparison of your financial aid offers has never been easier. Now you can compare offers from community college, bachelor’s, certificate, and graduate programs. We’ve incorporated a more user-friendly design and reintroduced the GI Bill calculator, which gives servicemembers the ability to calculate the benefits available to them through the GI Bill and tuition assistance programs.

We also heard from you that you wished our tool would provide information that complemented what schools are providing to students in their financial aid packages. We’re currently piloting a way to do just that. More than 2,000 schools have adopted the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet (developed in partnership with the Department of Education), which they’ll send to prospective students this year. Using this shopping sheet, you’ll be able to compare information, like average debt after graduation, side by side. If you don’t have a financial aid offer, we’ll show you where to find cost info for each school.

If you’re considering student loans to help you pay for school, you’re not alone – many students need loans to cover their full cost of attendance. If you have to take out student loans, comparing your options can help you find the student loan best suited for your needs.

We’re excited for your new adventure, and we know that choosing a college is a big deal.

Oh, and — congratulations!

  • truth

    Most importantly make sure you never take a private student loan especially from Sallie Mae. The US Republicans sold out its people to Sallie Mae and took away all consumer protections from the loans and can harass you for life with no statute of limitations. Thats right, for your entire life. Thanks Republicans.


      People need to pay their debt back period. Banks cannot give money away for free, but then again the democrats want everyone to have something for nothing!!!! That is what has this country is in the bind it’s in now. THAT’s why the banks have failed. Do you ignorant people not realize that the GOVERNMENT is in charge of banks, and anything the banks were doing the government was overseeing?!?!? But yet the government BLAMED the banks. Ignorance is bliss people, and the government is lying to everyone and keeps getting away with it in this administration.


    Choosing a college is very important to us, a good university , can affect a person’s life. Thank you for share this information, it’s useful for many people.

  • Dadie Host

    Lovely post, keep posting these types of blogs. Thank You :)

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