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Now recruiting: Technology & Innovation Fellows for 2015


We’re excited to announce applications are now being accepted for the next round of CFPB Technology & Innovation Fellows. The fellowship is a two year program for software developers, graphic and user experience (UX) designers, data specialists, and cybersecurity professionals interested in leveraging technology to help further our mission of making financial products and services work for consumers.

We’re looking for talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who embrace our mission and are excited about building technology and helping to build our organization. We expect the next group of fellows to begin work in January 2015.

Since the program launched two years ago, fellows have been hard at work applying their talents to build amazing things to help financial products and services work for consumers. Today, I’m proud to share with you some of their work.

Fellows have been instrumental in creating and building:

Looking ahead, the next round of fellows will continue to build on these accomplishments as well as tackle new projects in areas such as building software for our website, developing consumer-friendly tools and materials, and supporting agency cybersecurity functions.

Technology and innovation are fundamental to our ability to achieve our consumer protection mission. If you’re ready to serve the public and help us build amazing things, apply now or sign up here.

Want to learn more? Check us out on GitHub or to learn more about the web applications our current fellows have developed and check out our Design Reel to see how current fellows have improved the ways consumers interact with the federal government.

Come be our ‘boots on the ground’ – join our supervision team!


We’re recruiting examiners – our “boots on the ground” within our supervision team – to work daily with large banks and nonbank companies to ensure compliance with consumer financial protection laws and to promote a market for fair, transparent, and competitive consumer financial products and services.

Apply before midnight on Friday, March 22.

Our consumer-centered approach to supervision is based on three main principles:

  • Focus on risks to consumers in the policies and practices of consumer financial providers,
  • Analyze available data on the activities of providers, on the markets where they operate, and on the risks to consumers, and
  • Apply consistent standards in supervision of both bank and nonbank consumer financial companies.

You would work from a home office in the city of your choice. Typically, you would be near a major travel hub or airport, and travel to the companies you supervise about 80 percent of the time.

The day-to-day work involves reviewing and analyzing data, conducting on-site exams, and being in regular communication with the companies you supervise and other regulators, as well as follow-up monitoring.

In their own words, here’s what some current examiners have to say about working here.

Nicole Salemno, Examiner, Northeastern Region:

You should apply because we need you. This is not a job where you will sit back and ‘learn the ropes.’ Rather, you will be given every opportunity to exercise your unique strengths. You will learn and grow, but your active participation will be expected from day one.

Micah Robbins, Examiner, Northeastern Region:

The competency and dedication of employees in this bureau is refreshing and reaffirming. You get to make a visible difference in the consumer landscape.

Heidi White, Field Exam Manager, Midwest Region:

Candidates should apply who want to make a difference, work hard in a team environment, and embrace the goals and mission of the agency. In return, candidates receive excellent job benefits, challenging work assignments, opportunities for career advancement, and the satisfaction of knowing they had the ability to impact millions of consumers.

If you’re interested in joining us, you have until midnight, Friday, March 22 to apply.

Lindsay Bacon is part of the Talent Acquisition team of the Office of Human Capital.

New York City students and recent graduates: Join us on October 26th.


Whether you’re an undergraduate, recent grad or grad student, we want you to bring your skills and drive here. As a growing agency, we’re looking to bring on energetic, dedicated people for internships and full-time positions across our teams. With hundreds of potential opportunities available, there is something for you here. See what’s available now:

You’ll have the opportunity to use your current skills, and gain new ones, while helping to make financial markets work for millions of Americans and their families. Join us as we work to attract the next generation of government leaders!

Friday, October 26, 2012
1-3 p.m.
Hilton New York Hotel
1335 Ave. of the Americas
New York, New York 10019

Learn more and register today: Link:

Design+Technology Fellows: Changing the way government works


Technology and innovation are fundamental to the ability of this 21st-century agency to achieve our consumer protection mission. That’s why we’re launching an outside-the-box technology hiring initiative – the Design+Technology Fellows program.

What is it? We’re asking the brightest, diverse, most amazing minds in graphic design, development and user experience (UX) to join us for two years, linking up with our divisions to create innovative products that will redefine how work gets done in consumer financial protection.

What it’s not? A program with dusty cubicles, stale ideas, tired ways of thinking, or roadblocks to creativity. We want designers and developers who are looking for the promise and exhilaration of a start-up with the ability to influence and directly impact consumers’ lives.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, Fellows will IMMERSE themselves in all things CFPB at our DC headquarters to be introduced to the Bureau’s mission and the Technology & Innovation Team’s process. Fellows will then partner with a division to learn its particular priorities and technology needs.
  • Next, Fellows will HUNKER DOWN in DC or remotely and let the creativity flow. From the location of their choosing, each Fellow will be in constant contact with their partners in the agency to create mission-specific technology solutions.
  • Occasionally, the Fellows will REGROUP with partners in DC to broaden networks and collaborate in person.

During their time with the CFPB, Fellows will work on any number of projects on their own and with divisions throughout the Bureau:

  • Produce visualization and analysis instruments with our Research, Markets, and Regulations team that distill complex data and impact decision-making, or create tools for our public website that translate complex issues into everyday language.
  • Create new tools for our Supervision team with the hundreds of examiners across the country who monitor the practices of the nation’s largest consumer financial institutions.
  • Develop solutions to consumers’ real problems through technology that enables our Consumer Response team to reach people in difficult financial situations.
  • Design tools that enable millions of people to make informed financial choices with our Office of Consumer Education and Engagement.
  • Construct a path to a more efficient and transparent government with our Chief Operating Officer by creating tools that streamline the work of the Bureau.

At CFPB, there is no such thing as business as usual. Our new cohort of Design+Technology Fellows will give us their top-notch skills and two years of their time; we’ll give them the chance to change the lives of consumers and affect how government uses technology. CFPB is an equal opportunity employer.

Want to help us build something awesome? Sign up here.

Join us in Cleveland and New York: We’re recruiting a 21st century supervision workforce


Since we opened for business on July 21, 2011, we have been building our supervision team. Next week, we will host a recruiting event in Cleveland on Friday, April 27. A second event is planned in New York on Friday, May 4.

These meetings are an opportunity for those with relevant industry experience to learn more about the work of our supervision team and to explore joining the teams that report to regional offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York.

In addition to representatives from our Human Capital team, we are happy that senior CFPB leadership, and the directors of the Midwest and Northeast regional offices will join us in Cleveland and New York.

Click here for more details about the events.

You can see new job vacancy announcements for our supervision team on our jobs page. If you have questions, contact