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A video message from Rich Cordray


Rich Cordray, the new Director of the CFPB, has recorded a message about the extraordinary privilege he sees in working on behalf of American consumers.

The stakes are high. Consumers need to be able to fully understand the costs and risks of borrowing and they need to be able to comparison shop for the best deal. Consumers deserve to have someone who will stand on their side, who will protect them against fraud, and who will ensure they are treated fairly. The new Consumer Bureau was created to make sure that these things are achieved for all Americans. The good news is that we have already gotten started. Over time, we’ll judge the success of our efforts by whether consumers are being treated more fairly and with more clarity and candor in the financial marketplace.

Every week, we hear stories from hundreds of American consumers that illustrate the kinds of issues people are dealing with around the country. Tell us your story today.

  • Sgt.Barry R Bowman USA(Ret.)

    well done !!! keep up your good works ,REGARDS BR.BOWMAN USA RET.

  • Anonymous

    Great to have the department up and going. I know that there will be an effort to “underfund” your agency by the House but press on. You are doing the Right Thing. We sure need you.
    There are so many people that have been preyed upon financially. Especially the young and the Seniors.

    Thanks to the President for confirming Cordray. My US Senator fought this agency but hopefully, after his 36 years of corruption, he will Not be returning to Washington this next election.

    • SS

      Interesting.  You just showed how ignorant you are of the organization.  The CFPB under the Federal Reserve.  Ultimately this organization will cause more harm than good.

      • Anonymous

        Not true, this agency is badly needed.

      • Bosomo

        How may I ask? It’s easy to make accusations when you give no proof or historical evidence. Show us what you have.

  • Help

    I am hopeful that the agency has the power to make change. Unfortunately for the Millions of borrowers affected by the unacceptable service and policies they received from many lenders and loan servicers this will be a case of too little – too late. While the government was quick to bail out the Too Big to Fail banks and investment firms the response to help, not bail out struggling homeowners has been at a snails pace. Meanwhile we see corporate profits soaring and executive compensation from the bailed-out institutions soar.

    As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, CDPE I have been helping Massachusetts families avoid foreclosure. The financial and emotional stress the borrowers are and continue to experience is real. We need to help families NOW and protect future borrowers from the abuses that have been put on the American consumer. It is unconscionable what was known and allowed to occur by the previous administration and Congress. The failure of many members of the current Congress to agree, acknowledge and act to protect the consumer is beyond reproach. 

    The fact that the President had to take the unusual step in appointing Rich Cordray to head this agency demonstrates the lack of integrity, compassion or concern for the American People!

  • Alberto A. Cerniaz

    I did not receive any reply or comments regarding my case #111214-000304.  Thank you in anticipation for your most
    awaited response.  Regards

  • zach donald

    this sites straight forward simple and helpfull layout  gives me hope that one day the finacial sector will be just as wasy to understand. keep up the good work.

  • Film Studies

    Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing good stuff. Looking for other more intresting articles.

  • Rft

    the govt. is a real mess, and your department is a failure.

  • Used Cars Derby

    The message of Rich Cordray about extraordinary privilege is really fantastic

  • Jmsjern

    I think this new agency is just another power grab by Obama .We need to decrease the size of the federal
    government instead we form a new expensive agency with thosands of new employees that we don’t need
    If it works like most  government agencies it will hurt the economic recovery and thats not good for anybody in America.Obama thinks that the American people are to stupid to shop for the best deal on their own.

    • Bosomo

      I agree, I think that the american people are uneducated. So I have a choice for you: Leave things the way that they are, leave uneducated americans to continually get worked with no one to stop the companies doing it; Or, you can create an agency to advocate for consumer education and assist consumers with making educated decisions. If you were paying any attention at all you would see that the main goal of the CFPB is education, I totally agree with your assesment of the overall intelligence of americans, but if you spend 10 years properly educating 300 million people how much damage are you going to allow to happen during those 10 years? If you are an average american and you know you could get swindled by any company at any time, where is your motivation to go support the economy and buy goods and put your money into a home or bank? If you can feel comfortable knowing your rights are protected I think you are more likely to invest in the type of services that can get the economy back rolling again.

  • SS

    Perhaps you can start with the new WH chief of staff, Lew, who made millions off of mortgage defaults!!


    Dear Sir,
    Before I tell my story I would like to know CFPB is only for home mortgage loans or it also covers/handles Apartment Loans also for 5+ Units building.

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