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What is a Qualified Written Request? What is a QWR?

A Qualified Written Request (QWR) is written correspondence that you or someone acting on your behalf can send to your servicer to ask for information relating to the servicing of your loan or to dispute errors about your loan account. A QWR is just one of the ways you can request information or resolve an error with your mortgage servicer.  

To request information or get an error resolved:

  • Send your question separately. You can’t write your question on your payment coupon or mortgage statement.
  • Include the name of the borrower and provide enough information for the servicer to identify the borrower’s account.
  • Provide a statement of the reasons you believe that the servicer has made an error with the respect to your account or a detailed explanation as to information relating to the servicing of the loan that you are requesting.
  • If the servicer has given you an address for error resolution and information requests, you must send your request to that address.  See your periodic statement or coupon book, or ask your servicer for the proper address.

Click here for a sample information request letter and a sample error resolution letter.

Once your servicer receives the request, it generally has five business days to acknowledge your inquiry. For most types of errors and information requests, your servicer must respond within 30 business days. Your servicer must either:

  • provide you, in writing, the information or clarification you requested,
  • make the correction you request and notify you of the correction, or
  • conduct an investigation and let you know the results of the investigation, such as why the servicer cannot provide you with the information or whether the servicer identified an error in your account.

The response from your servicer must include the name and telephone number for the individual, office, or department of the servicer that can provide you with additional assistance if you have any questions.

Tip: While you are waiting for a response, you should continue making your mortgage payments as scheduled.

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