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New proposal to ban companies from using arbitration clauses as a free pass to avoid accountability

Buried in many contracts for consumer financial products are arbitration clauses that block consumers from seeking relief through class action lawsuits. Today, we’re releasing proposals under consideration that would stop companies from using these clauses to avoid accountability to their customers.

Published Category: Policy & Compliance

Explainer: How small businesses play a role in the rulemaking process

We often hear many questions about how the rulemaking process works. We decided to write a series of posts that explain some key parts of the rulemaking process. Before we propose a rule, we’re sometimes required to organize a Small Business Review Panel so that we can hear from small businesses about the potential impacts of the rule. Small businesses provide us with valuable feedback as we write regulations to help consumer financial products and services work for Americans.

Published Category: Policy & Compliance

SBREFA, Small Providers, and Mortgage Disclosure

The CFPB is mindful that new statutory requirements we are implementing can burden as well as benefit small financial services providers. We use many methods to reach out to small providers to find out if any of these burdens are unnecessary and, if so, how we may be able to reduce them (within the limits […]