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Your complaint is more than data—it’s your story

While you can see hundreds of thousands of complaints in the Consumer Complaint Database, these complaints are much more than just data to us. They reflect real and tough challenges people face every day as they try to navigate the financial world. Now we’re giving you the choice to publish your story in our Consumer Complaint Database and help others see what’s happening in the financial marketplace. Learn more about how we’re lifting your voice.

Meet someone who has personally worked with more than 2,000 consumers

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Whitney, a star member of our team who answers calls from consumers. She’s personally helped more than 2,000 people who have called in about financial products and services. I sat in on three of her calls: A woman checking the status of her auto loan complaint, A homeowner […]

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Consumers expect, and deserve, that companies follow the rules

Today, in close partnership with our fellow banking regulators, we are ordering three subsidiaries of the American Express Company to put some $85 million back into the wallets of consumers. The subsidiary companies will modify various credit card practices found to be illegal, make full refunds to approximately 250,000 customers, and pay $14.1 million in […]

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Live from Detroit, MI!

For the first time, consumer reporting agencies will be subject to a federal supervision program. We made the announcement at a field hearing in Detroit, which we streamed right here. You can watch footage from the event here, featuring remarks from Richard Cordray, CFPB Director, as well as testimony from consumer groups, academics, industry representatives, and members of the public. You can also…

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