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New insights on bank overdraft fees and 4 ways to avoid them

For the first time in 2015, large banks began reporting separately certain categories of fees—including overdraft and non-sufficient fund fees. The new fee revenue information is helping us understand the magnitude and diversity of banks’ overdraft programs. Here are some tips to help you reduce or avoid overdraft and NSF fees.

Published Category: Info for consumers

So, how do I submit a complaint?

This post is part of a series for National Consumer Protection Week We began taking credit card complaints in July 2011, and we now can help with complaints about mortgages, bank accounts and services, student loans, vehicle and other consumer loans, and credit reporting. How do I submit a complaint? Submitting a complaint and tracking […]

Published Category: Info for consumers

Meet Greg from Michigan

Since we launched on July 21st 2011, we’ve heard directly from consumers about the challenges they face in the marketplace, brought their concerns to the attention of financial institutions, and helped address their complaints. Accepting, resolving, and analyzing consumer complaints is an integral part of our work. This week, we’ll be featuring stories from consumers […]

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Comment period on overdrafts extended to June 29

In February, we launched a public inquiry and an industry research study to gain insight into overdraft practices. Both initiatives are continuing and will provide us with great perspective on how overdraft programs work. The Notice and Request for Information originally called for all public comments by the end of this month. While we’ve already […]

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Advancing consumers’ interests

Today we are expanding our consumer response system to take consumer complaints on checking and savings accounts. These accounts play a critical role in the lives of most Americans, but they can also be a source of great frustration. Since last year, we have helped consumers bring concerns about credit cards and mortgages to the attention of their financial institutions. Adding deposit accounts is an important step.

Submit a complaint about a checking or savings account.