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Usted tiene el derecho a que lo traten de manera justa en el mercado financiero

El garantizar un acceso equitativo y anti-discriminatorio en el proceso de obtener crédito apunta a la esencia misma de la misión del CFPB de proteger a los consumidores y promover la transparencia de los mercados financieros en los Estados Unidos. Durante este último año hemos obtenido reembolsos para consumidores perjudicados por prácticas discriminatorias y hemos supervisado a prestamistas para evitarles daño a los consumidores.

Published Category: Info for consumers

You have the right to be treated fairly in the financial marketplace

Ensuring fair and nondiscriminatory access to credit goes to the core of the Bureau’s mission of protecting consumers and promoting openness in America’s financial markets. In the past year we have gotten funds back for consumers harmed by discriminatory practices and we have supervised lenders to prevent harm to consumers. 

Published Category: Info for consumers

Income from the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program shouldn’t mean you don’t qualify for a mortgage

Everyone should be able to qualify for mortgages they can afford based on their stable income. Our reminder to mortgage lenders should help people who receive Section 8 HCV Homeownership Program vouchers receive fair and equal access to credit.

Working together to empower consumers

In my first blog post I wrote that part of our work in the Office of Financial Empowerment is connecting with people and organizations around the country that are building financial stability for low-income and other economically vulnerable Americans. Last week, over 400 participants joined CFPB Director Richard Cordray, Division of Consumer Education and Engagement […]