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Consumer Complaint Database

Consumer Complaint Database

We share complaints about financial products and services to improve the financial marketplace.

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Use our API or download the full dataset.

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What happens when I submit a complaint?

When you submit a complaint, we forward your complaint to the company and work to get a response about your issue.

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What information do you publish?

We publish information about the subject and date of the complaint and the company’s response. We do not share any personal information with the public.

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Download, sort, and visualize

We're using a tool called Socrata to make it easier to view and organize the data into subsets and visualizations. Additionally, Socrata provides a RESTful API for programmers and researchers.

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API & Documentation

Consumer Complaint Database API

Our API is a suite of RESTful commands you can use to read and filter data from the database using scripts. It is built on the Socrata Open Data API (SODA), and users of other APIs built on this technology will find it familiar.

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Publication criteria

Certain complaint data, like personal information, is not included in this database. Complaints must meet all of the publication criteria in our policy statement.

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