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Beware of scams related to the coronavirus

Scammers take advantage of people during times of stress, fear, and uncertainty. CFPB offers three ways people can keep their money safe from fraudsters during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Other resources to help you during the coronavirus pandemic

Avoiding scams

Scammers are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to con people into giving up their money. Find out about common scams.

Be aware of government imposter scams

Older adults and their families

Older adults may have unique financial concerns during the pandemic, including being targeted by scammers, experiencing separation from caregivers who help manage their money, or facing tough choices prior to and during retirement.

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Mortgage relief options

If you can’t make your mortgage payments because of the coronavirus, start by understanding your options and reaching out for help.

Learn about mortgage and housing assistance options

Protect your finances

As you prepare for the possible spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19, here are resources to protect yourself financially.

Know the steps to take

Student loans

Student loan borrowers now have more benefits to consider when planning for the potential financial impact from coronavirus.

Learn what that means for your loans