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Join Start Small, Save Up

The CFPB’s Start Small, Save Up initiative brings together people and organizations from around the country to engage Americans in building their savings to protect against emergencies.

In the workplace

Employers have the ability to encourage saving by offering financial wellness programs and opportunities like automated savings through direct deposit.

In the community

Savings barriers and solutions are unique to each individual. We can learn what works for all by seeing what works for individual communities.

In the financial marketplace

Banks, nonprofits and financial technology companies are on the front lines of savings innovations that can make a difference.

Join us

Is your company or community interested in joining a national conversation on savings? Contact us to find out how you can get involved with Start Small, Save Up.

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Spread the word

Whether you’re a journalist or community leader, use our digital and social media materials to spread the word about the importance of emergency savings.

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Financial stress often carries into the workplace, affecting productivity. As a result, employers are increasingly working to promote financial well-being and encouraging workers to take action on saving.

If you’re an employer, consider implementing the Start Small, Save Up model in your workplace to encourage your workforce to save.

Financial institutions

One of the best ways to encourage saving is making it easy and accessible, and financial organizations – including banks, fintech organizations, and financial regulators – are developing innovative services and products that break down key barriers to saving.


Community organizations play an important role in designing emergency savings and financial empowerment opportunities that meet the specific needs of their residents. We’re supporting local communities in developing and adapting solutions that can be used nationwide.

Tax preparers

Saving money can be difficult, especially for people living paycheck to paycheck. For many, a tax refund is the single biggest check they’ll receive all year, and it can be a unique opportunity to save. If you’re a tax preparer, utilize our resources to help encourage your clients to save as much of their refund as possible.


If you’re looking for opportunities to support loved ones in starting their savings journey, there are a number of tools and resources that can offer step-by-step guidance, regardless of their financial situation.