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Understanding how insurance works: A case study about Omar


Students read about how insurance works, then review a case study to see how insurance choices can affect personal finances for a young adult in the big city.

Big idea

When you purchase insurance, you are transferring financial risk from yourself to an insurance company.

Essential questions

  • What is the main benefit of choosing to purchase insurance?
  • How do the insurance company and the policyholder share risks and costs?


  • Understand how insurance works
  • Apply insurance policy specifics to a case study to evaluate costs and benefits

What students will do

  • Read about how the insurance process works and discover what roles the insurance company and the policyholders play.
  • Review information about specific types of insurance policy coverage and costs.
  • Evaluate a case study to see how one policyholder’s insurance choices impacted him financially.
  • Write an advice email about the value of insurance in that policyholder’s life.

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