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Creating an insurance commercial


Students demonstrate their understanding of how insurance minimizes financial risk by creating a commercial that features a specific type of insurance product.

Big idea

When you purchase insurance, you gain some protection from the financial burdens that may accompany unexpected life events.

Essential questions

  • What are some unexpected events that could cause a financial burden?
  • How does having insurance help reduce financial risk?


  • Understand how insurance creates shared risk between the policyholder and the insurance company
  • Describe unexpected events that could cause a financial burden
  • Create a commercial showing the risks associated with not having insurance

What students will do

  • Review basic information about insurance using the “What is insurance?” and “Types of insurance” handouts.
  • Brainstorm examples of unexpected events that could negatively affect your finances without the proper insurance.
  • Work with a partner or small group to create a commercial showing risks involved with not having insurance.
  • Perform their commercial for classmates and watch the other commercials.

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