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Ability to repay and qualified mortgages (ATR/QM)

Resources to help industry participants understand, implement, and comply with the Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgage (ATR/QM) rule.

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On October 20, 2020, the Bureau issued a final rule to amend the ATR/QM Rule. The final rule extends the sunset date for the Temporary GSE QM category, also known as the GSE Patch. The Bureau has provided an executive summary and an unofficial redline .


Browse the ATR/QM rules to see specific amendments made by each final rule to Regulation Z.

Regulations and official interpretations

Browse Regulation Z (12 CFR1026) on: Interactive Bureau Regulations | eCFR

Main ATR/QM rule provisions and official interpretations can be found in:

  • § 1026.43(a), Scope
  • § 1026.43(b), Definitions
  • § 1026.43(c), Ability to repay
  • § 1026.43(d), Refinancing of non-standard mortgages
  • § 1026.43(e), Qualified mortgage
  • § 1026.43(f), Balloon-payment qualified mortgages made by certain creditors
  • § 1026.43(g), Prepayment penalties
  • Appendix Q to Part 1026—Standards for determining monthly debt and income
  • Supplement I to Part 1026 (including official interpretations for the above provision)

Quick references

Executive summaries

Executive summary of the October 2020 amendments

Other references

Unofficial redline of the Patch Extension Final Rule’s amendments to the ATR/QM Rule

Coverage charts

Proposed rule changes and related materials

Summary of the August 2020 proposal to amend the ATR/QM Rule

Summary of June 2020 proposals to amend the ATR/QM Rule

Unofficial redline of the Patch Extension NPRM’s proposed changes to the ATR/QM Rule

Unofficial redline of the General QM NPRM’s proposed changes to the ATR/QM Rule